Feb 9, 2012


Rua do Rosário 274, Oporto
I usually like my weekends to be nicely balanced, with a little of relaxation and some time to discovery. I finally had some time to drive into the center and try the weekend brunch menu in Aia. Located near the trendy neighborhood of Miguel Bombarda, the Aia occupies the 1st floor of Arts em Partes building in Rua do Rosário.  Decorated with beautiful furniture and charming details is definitely one of those places where i feel cosy to stay. There are some places that you really should´t share. Because of their unique atmosphere should be kept in secret and away from the crowds.  

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving your blog and your pics... I used to go to AiA ... but unfortunately it closed ...
    It's always good to find a great blog from our home town!...
    Cheers and keep up the amazing work.